Apartment Shopping Turned out to Be Easy

January 7th, 2018 by admin

I wanted to see pictures of The Oaks of North Dallas Apartments, so my friend took a ride by there and took some for me. She then sent me an email and told me to click here to see all the pictures she took. The reason she did that is because I lived over two hours away at the time so it was not as easy for me to hop in my car and take a drive there. I did see some pictures on the website for the apartment complex, but I wanted to make sure that the reality of the complex matched what they were showing on the website.

I know that makes me sound like I don’t trust people, which is partially accurate. I got stuck in a lease for an apartment several years ago because of misrepresentation on their part, so I will never make that mistake again. The good news is that the pictures absolutely matched what the site showed. Even better, I was able to see a lot of areas that the website did not show, and I could tell that the entire grounds area of the apartment complex is maintained properly and regularly.

It has a nice look to it, almost like a country setting in some areas, and that is what really made me want to move there. Another nice thing about their website is that it lists all of the available apartments. I was able to see which apartments are actually available, and I had my friend go and take pictures of each one so I could see which one I would like best based just on location. I ended up taking the first floor one, mostly because I wanted a patio instead of a balcony, and I love the view that is right in front of the patio. I never realized apartment shopping could be this easy.