Doing Your Part to Help Those Less Fortunate

August 20th, 2012 by admin

Ouija Board And ChristiansTimes are tough for most people these days. The global financial downturn has left us all with less money in our pockets and worried about what the future holds. Most of us are lucky; are heads are above water and we are still able to provide for our families but there are still many people in the world who won’t eat today, have a safe place to sleep tonight or have someone they can turn to. As Christians it’s our duty to help those people however we can. Not because the bible tells us so but because we have been fortunate in the gifts of the lord and we have the love in our hearts to share.

Helping those less fortunate isn’t about money or time, it’s about deciding to do the right thing and bring kindness into another life. Putting a smile on someone else’s face that is less fortunate than yourself if only for a day, an hour or even a minute gives hope and in return you will be rewarded with the satisfaction of not only doing good in this world but the joy of lightness in your own heart for helping others.

Most people think that money is the best way to help but the most rewarding donation you can ever make is of your own time. Spending time helping in a food kitchen, a homeless shelter, your churches food drives or helping disadvantage children read, write or learn math brings so much more to table. Not only do you help those less fortunate but you get to know them and you get to experience first hand not only how you have helped but how great it makes you feel to help a fellow human being.

These days both time and money are tight but even a couple of dollars or an hour or two can go a long way in brightening someone day or even changing someone’s life. You may never know how you may have helped or changed someone but you won’t need to because the mere act of giving of yourself is a gift that not only rewards the receiver but the giver as well. Just think for a moment; no matter how tough life may be for you right now there are others out there who are going through much tougher times and need what you have inside your heart to help them through.