Getting Around Town in a Limo

August 14th, 2015 by admin

When my best friend told me that her boyfriend finally proposed to her, I was so happy for them both. They have had to deal with a lot in their relationship, but I knew that they were meant to be together. She asked me to be her maid of honor, and I happily accepted that honor. It did not take me long to plan a bachelorette party for her either. We have a close group of friends, and I knew that they would all want to be included in this special night. I contacted Star Night Limousine, which is a limo company not too far from where I live.

I have had to use their services before when I booked things for my boss and his colleagues, but I had never used them for myself. My boss has always been happy with them though, so I knew that I wanted them for this special night. I wanted just the best for my friend. I knew that we were going to go to a few different places, and I also knew that we would all have a glass or two of wine at each place, so I did not want any of us to even think about driving.

An occasion such as this calls for a night of pampering, and I knew of no better way of doing that than to let us be chauffeured around. It would make all of us feel like royalty, and we could focus on the meaning of the night rather than on getting from one place to another. The limo that we ended up getting was extremely comfortable, and we had such a blast not only at the different venues that we went to but in the limo getting from one to the next. It is a night that none of us will forget!