I Got a New Refrigerator Because My Mom Was Upset with Her Ice Maker

January 7th, 2018 by admin

My mom bought a new fridge last year, and she offered to let me have her old one. Well, to her it was old, but it was a lot newer than the one I had been using. My brothers brought it down for me and set it up, and they even took my old one away. It was so nice having so much more space in both the fridge and freezer. There is an automatic ice maker too, but that didn’t work for me until I contacted a company that handles appliance repair in Sacramento.

I would have asked one of my brothers to fix it for me, but they know probably as little about it as I do. I didn’t mind making my ice cubes myself, but I knew that I wanted to have it fixed before the hot summer days were upon us. The draw of having crushed ice for my tea and lemonade was just too strong, and I figured it probably would not cost too much to have someone come out and figure out why the ice machine was not working. That is why my mom went out and bought a new one, when all she had to do was pay a small service fee to have a professional come fix it for her.

I needed two things done to fix the ice maker on my new refrigerator. I knew I needed the first one, and that was to have the water line ran to supply the ice maker. The second one was to figure out why the ice maker was not working. The repair person was able to quickly install a water line for the ice maker for me. It is just plastic tubing that runs to the nearest cold water pipe. The refrigerator is close to the sink, so he tapped off of the cold water line under the sink. He already knew why the ice maker was not working. It was the motor. It needed replaced. He had one on the truck, and it only took about 10 minutes to replace it. Mom was a bit surprised to find out she could have had it fixed for such a low price.