I Now Take Backups Seriously

January 21st, 2016 by admin

You would think that I would have learned the very first time when I lost over 10,000 digital photos and other important data when my home computer crashed. The truth is that I was being naive because it was a brand new computer that I had purchased only one month prior, so I assumed that I was safe. I also run a small business, and within only one week of the crash at home, my server at my business also crashed. It was just my luck, but it was also my own fault that I had no backup hosting service. In both situations I was trying to scrimp on what’s important, and I ended up paying a big price.

In the case of my home computer, I quickly called my network administrator, who is also my employee. He worked on it for a full day and then called me to let me know that my computer could not be fixed. Sure, it was still under warranty, but I had transferred all of my important data over to this new computer and now all of it was gone permanently. I knew I should have bought something to use as backup storage, but I chose to ignore doing so.

As for work, the same type of situation occurred. I knew I should have something in place, especially after what happened at home. We had not had any problems in two years, and I made the same assumption that we were fine. I thought I would save a few pennies by not doing something important because I thought I could skate by. Boy, was I wrong. We lost important data for every one of our clients, which ended up costing me even more money. The very first thing I did that day was to get online to start looking for a company that could provide hosting service that would keep this from ever happening to my business again.