Looking for a Place in Tampa

January 21st, 2016 by admin

I am having a pretty good time down here, but right now I am sort of living on a friend’s couch temporarily. That is not a long term solution, his girlfriend is being nice about it so far, but it is obvious that both of them would like for me to get my own place sooner rather than later. I took a ride down to check out a place called the sanctuaray at highland oaks apartments. It seems like a silly name in my opinion, but the apartments are pretty nice really. The problem is that they only have two and three bedroom places available and I need something with a one bedroom price. I am going to have to keep looking and I might have to do something on a short term basis. I also looked at one of those long term stay hotel type places. They are a lot like an apartment, but you do not have to sign a lease.

The job is great, in fact I may have a girlfriend I think. It is hard to say just yet. She likes to flirt and she is really interesting. It could be something and it is definitely something I am looking into, but of course you do not want to be too hasty with a girl you work with. If you meet a girl at a bar and she turns out to be a stalker, that is one thing, but if you have to go to the office every day and see a girl who is not wired together right that can be a real nightmare. It has not ever happened to me, but I knew this guy once who really messed up by dating this girl who turned out to become his immediate superior after he dumped her.