My Back Feels a Whole Lot Better when the Sun is Shining and the Weather is Warm

January 7th, 2018 by admin

My brother calls me a lot in the winter. He keeps asking my wife and I to bring the dogs and come for a winter visit. He lives where it is warm. He moved south when he was in the Army and stayed there even after he retired from the military. Now he consults for a security firm, and he spends a lot of time on the water. He calls me “Cream Cheese” because I live in Philadelphia. It is a play on the brand of cheese I use. He asked if I had seen my chiropractor in Philadelphia yet this winter. I told him how I have been going about twice per week right now.

He knows how it gets for me in the winter. I have vacation time saved up, but I liked to take it in the summer. He told me to take a week and come visit now to give my back a break from the cold. He told me it was 82 degrees today at his house, and the water is nice. Not as warm as in August, but still nice. I cannot even imagine it being above 50 in January. Usually, we have much colder temps, and we just had several days of that. It just warmed up today and started raining. It was a balmy 34! My back reacts very negatively to the cold weather. I talked to my chiropractor in Philadelphia, and he told me to go visit my brother. He said the warmth and sunshine would do more for my overall well-being than what he could do right now.

He was getting the pain from the sciatica to relax and let me be able to walk better, but my mood was just too miserable. I was not doing my own healing any good by grumbling about the cold and lack of sunshine. My wife and I took my brother up on his invitation, and we stayed for a week. I still had some sciatic pain, and was looking forward to an adjustment, but the warmth and sunshine helped me be in a much better mood. I even got in a few rounds of golf without too much trouble with my back.