Putting Together a Full Team

February 3rd, 2019 by admin

It always seems like I can’t find enough people to play football with me when I go to the park. Some of my friends will be busy doing other stuff, so they can’t hang out with me during my free time. This gave me an idea, as I wanted to be able to play football at any time, with anyone. I wanted to have an app that would show when football games were happening and tell people where they were. I don’t know enough about programming to make my own apps, so I had to hire an app developer that would be able to handle the job.

By using the app, anyone would be able to meet for a football game, no matter who was hosting it. That way, every game would be able to have the maximum number of people allowed in the game. Football games was only the beginning, as if I could get that to work, then I would expand into having other sports meet ups. I spread the word about my app by mouth and placed some online notices on social media. I tested the app on a day when my friends were completely busy. I set out a notification that I wanted to have a football game in the park and that I was accepting more people.

The app has a genius design that allows anyone to reserve a spot in the game, and then once the reserved spots are full, no one else can enter as a player, but people can enter as spectators. If someone decides to cancel, then they are removed from the game and one of the spectators has the opportunity to enter the game. The game I requested had a full roster, and many people showed up at the park to watch it.