School Opened My Eyes to My Own Arrogance

April 11th, 2018 by admin

I had an attitude when first I entered my college university on my dad’s dime. I did well in high school, and I told my parents and myself that I could just breeze through college next with no trouble. Reality punched me hard when I failed two physics tests and barely understood my homework. My dad said he would give me a chance to redeem myself by going to get help at Physics Tuition, which is owned by a man who helps young people make it through their physics classes in school. Dad told me that if I refused to take him up on his offer to pay for the extra tutoring, I would be on my own and he would no longer pay for me to get through college.

After failing my second test, I went home to visit my parents one weekend. Mom sheepishly said that she’d been wanting to redecorate their downstairs basement, and that she wouldn’t mind using my college tuition for that since I wasn’t taking my university courses seriously. Dad was serious when he said that he would no longer put me through college if I didn’t wake up, but my mom rarely ever asserted herself in the way that she did about using my college funds for redoing their basement. It took me aback, and it was the one thing that woke me up. I was not doing well with my schooling, and it was time for me to wake up!

After I began getting tutored, I finally began to put the puzzle pieces together and started doing well in my actually classes at school. I felt so foolish to realize how nonchalant and stubborn I had been. The whole experience helped me to not take things from granted in all of my different classes. For example, I do well in art, and I thought I would zip through my art elective that I was taking at my university. Things got hard really quickly, and I had trouble keeping up with the class.