Thieves Pick Easy Targets and ADT Makes Your Home a Hard Target They Want to Avoid

July 24th, 2015 by admin

We used to sit on our front porch and see only a neighbor or two in the evenings walking their dogs or working in their yards. A huge field adjacent to our block was developed into a housing plan. Then the older folks in the neighborhood began dying off, and landlords bought their homes to rent them out to pretty much anyone who could afford the rent. Many of the homes were not remodeled after purchase making them low rent places. After our car had a window broken out and a GPS stolen, we decided to get ADT for the house before the thieves graduated to home burglary.

It was not long before my neighbor, who did not have a home security system, had his house burglarized while he was at work. They targeted him because they knew he worked on the river system being gone for three weeks and home for three weeks. They had full run of the place to clean him out. We work so did not see them when they were burglarizing him. Other folks on the block work day jobs too. I really think our house was not targeted for two reasons. The first reason is that we have the alarm system from ADT. The second reason is that his house, with him not home for three weeks at a time, was an easier target. This is especially true since he does not have an alarm system.

Well, he has one now. He had seen the signs in our yard that say ADT for a long time, and he finally decided to get a digital wireless home security system for his house too. It was not long before the yard signs went up at every house on the block. We have not had any more burglaries. The thieves are picking easier targets. It is what they do.