We Found a Place in the Woods

August 20th, 2019 by admin

I suppose if you were a thief you might like this house quite a bit like Jen and I did. We wanted to get a place where the neighbors would not be on top of us, like they were in some of the places we have lived. Obviously if you ever live in an apartment you know that the people above, below and beside you get way too involved in your life. At any rate as soon as we started thinking about home security, if you click here you can see where we are looking right now. This is a fix it job, but it sits on around three and a half acres of land, which is back down a gravel road behind a horse farm. The house sits pretty close by a lake that is around an acre and a half, but we do not own the entire thing. I am pretty sure that the people who sold us the place intend to eventually build another house across the lake.

At any rate once the two of us go off to work this place is going to be half a mile away from the paved road and there is not going to be anyone near. There is a place where you could install a gate and that seems like it would be a good idea, but obviously a gate is not going to stop someone that is determined. You could pretty much drive down here with a moving truck and take everything that we have and no one would ever know it. So we obviously think that we should get something that would stop that. Of course to start off we might get one of those signs that says you got an alarm system, since that would stop many thieves.