You Made My Daughter’s Assignment Easier

January 7th, 2018 by admin

The website was very helpful when I was helping my daughter scan old news clippings into a website she was making for school. My daughter was in high school and they had an assignment to make a website about your family history. My family has lived in Chicago for many years and had two bakeries so we had lots of fun newspaper clippings about our family business along with some great old photos. Our family bakery was the backbone of our family. I remember going there every day after I would get out of school. I would do little jobs around the bakery. But my mother always made sure our school was done first. She would get me a huge glass of milk and my favorite donut and then sit me down at one of the back tables and tell me to get busy.

I know it was a different childhood then most of my friends, but it was also a great one too. All of my friends wanted to come over to the bakery after school to try our pastries. They all said my parents had the coolest job, and on career day each year my parents would come and talk about the bakery and bring lots of goodies for all the kids to eat.

So when my daughter started her assignment I knew I had lots of great news clippings and photos to go along with it, I just need to find the software to help her get them online. We had an older scanner and I figured newer software would work best for her website. Thanks to your website I found a great deal on the perfect software. Before I knew it my daughter’s website was up and running and she had all of our cherished memories on it. Plus she got an A for the assignment.